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Gulets are wooden yachts which originate in Turkey. Evolved from tirhandils (otherwise known as double-enders) they were fishing boats, used for sponge fishing. As years went on, these wooden boats became a source for transportation by sea for foreign travellers and then turned into commercial boat charters to what is now known as Gulet holidays. The holiday itself is called ‘blue cruises’. How blue cruises or also known as ‘blue voyage’ started is an altogether different and very unique story. 🙂

So what makes Gulets so unique?

Well first of all they are all made from wood. Handcrafted. A gulet can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to build. This depends on the owner’s budget and the design. It also adds to the whole concept of boat holidays in Turkey – an authentic way to live the experience in Turkey. Nowadays one can find gulets in other countries, exported from Turkey. Countries such as coastal European Spain, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, and as far as American and Mexico – among other places.  They are generally purchased for the purpose of chartering. After Turkey, the next most popular country to charter a gulet is Croatia.

Gulet yacht charters in Greece are done by delivering gulets to a Greek port. There, travellers can explore the Greek islands. The two main charter regions are the Dodecanese islands and the Cyclades islands. Since there are nearly no gulets in Athens, a boat would have to be delivered there – which may cost much more than you expect to pay. There are no delivery feeds if you are chartering from Rhodes or Kos ports. Due to the close proximity to Turkey, it is easy to send a boat there. Also the booking schedules are arranged so that if the boat ends in say Rhodes, the next charter will begin from Rhodes and perhaps end in Kos.

Please see here about chartering a yacht in the Cyclades as it is not possible for all boats during the second half of June until the first half of September as a result of the Meltemi winds in the Central Aegean sea.

To export a gulet from Turkey, there are certain requirements the boat has to have. For gulet brokerage services, contact us if you are interested in buying a gulet for sale.

What are the advantages of Chartering a Gulet?

Firstly they are a great deal more cost effective than renting a motor boat or motor yacht. The fuel is usually included up to 4 hours of cruising per day – that is if you are chartering a gulet in Turkey or a Turkish gulet in Greece.  For all other regions the fuel may be extra.

The decks are very spacious. Unlike other types of boat charters, gulets offer a very spacious aft and forward deck. The layout consists of a huge forward deck where the sun mats and extra cushioned seating is found. While the aft decks offer large lounging cushions which border the stern and a huge wooden dining table made from mahogany and teak chairs.

Not one gulet will look exactly like another one. They are as unique as the holidays they offer, the owners themselves and the guests who hire them!

Also guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks on board the private charter gulets in Turkey. All other regions where gulets are found, the terms are usually much different. Although this option is available, it is always best to choose from a blue cruise menu and drinks package. At Mirya Yachting we handle all provisioning so it just makes it easier for us to do this for you. Guests can sometimes not know exactly how much of what to buy and bring with them on their trip because it isn’t just the food and drinks that needs to be bought but also cooking gas, and other supplies.

The cabin sizes also vary from one boat to the next. While you can charter a gulet that is 32 meters with only 5 cabins, there are gulets the same length with 8 cabins. There are just so many variations and price groups as well as standards in class.

How do I know which Gulet Charter is the best one for our group?

In order to establish a selection of gulet charters to select from; it first starts out with your budget. Knowing your overall budget will filter the selection; along with how many are in your group. It is best to discuss this with your Gulet expert at Mirya Yachting. Since we inspect the gulets before placing them on offer for charter, it is easier for us to shortlist a best suited selection of gulets for you to look over. Sometimes looking at the photos is just not enough.  All gulets are fully crewed and nearly all offer air conditioning.

For more information about gulets and gulet charter holidays in Croatia or Montenegro, please contact us by filling out the form below. Or use our Request a Quote form to provide more information to us. The more we know about your expectations, the easier it is to offer the most appropriate gulet charter to you.

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  • Yachts are chartered on a weekly basis in most cases, embarking and disembarking on Saturdays. When you specify your budget, please specify if PER DAY or PER WEEK.

    Food and drinks are extra on top of the gulet/yacht rental price.

    Gulet charters less than 5 days may not be possible during high season months from mid June - end of September due to booking schedules.

  • All itineraries run from Saturday to Saturday. If you require to begin or end your holiday on a different day, please let us know. However please note that it may not be possible especially during peak season (July, August, September), and also depends on the booking schedule of the boat.
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